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 Your new toxicity evaluation method


An innovative toxicity evaluation model

Celescreen develop an innovative toxicity evaluation service of cosmetic molecules at an entire organism level using an invertebrate, a worm: C.elegans. This method is not restricted by European laws that prohibit since 2013 vertebrate animal testing regarding the toxicity evaluation of cosmetic products and molecules. Celescreen brings a solution to bypass this legislation and answers to the industry which have difficulties to develop new molecules.

Celescreen develop a systemic toxicity characterization standard.

Our technology


A reliable, systemic and suitable for industry alternative method

Celescreen offer a technology platform of systemic toxicity evaluation and characterization for cosmetic industry by optimizing the C.elegans worm’s potential

 Optimum reliability thanks to a documented homology 

 Shortening of development times

 Precise understanding of toxicity mecanisms

 Manipulations simplification thanks to the worm

 Patented technology

Thanks to the innovative toxicology analysis method, CeleScreen offers you a missing range of tests and cosmetic analysis on your raw materials:

- Reprotoxicity

- Teratogenicity

- Dose repeat toxicity 


About CeleScreen

The Celescreen project comes from research work to answer chemical and particularly cosmetic industries problems regarding the European legislation. 

The Celescreen’s goal is to offer a reliable alternative method, suitable for rodents and Human, to evaluate the systemic toxicity of molecules at an entire organism level.


The team
Maxime Lelièvre Commercial and Marketing Director & Co-foundeur

Maxime Le Lièvre is an engineer graduated from the "Institut Supérieur d'Ingénieur de Franche Compté". He is a co-founder and the Commercial and Marketing Director of the company, he brings his business & commercial skills to CeleScreen.

Philippe Manivet Scientific advisor & Co-foundeur

Pr. Philippe Manivet has a Biochemistry PhD from the "Ecole Polytechnique", he is a co-founder and the Chief Scientific Officer of the company. He is the only inventor of the patent registred in March 2014, he is in charge of the scientific & R&D part of CeleScreen.

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